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Having come face-to-face with a myriad of business communication problems with a myriad of professional functions in all shapes and sizes of each major industry from startups to Fortune 500 – we have a unique perspective. And there is a community of us “Framians” (we just made that up) that share this common concern to get our audiences into the correct conceptual framework – whether its during a sale presentation, a webinar, a live event, presenting research or setting up a web portal loaded with big data. And we all think the best tool to help your audience visualize the point is in fact visuals.

The following series presents our thoughts on the craft of applying visuals to business and technical problems to drive understanding and engagement. A meta-infographic series on infographics if you will.

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Hand-Crafted Visuals for Your Business Communications Really, Really, Really Exist (And They Work)

Are Custom Visual Solutions the Luxury of Media Outlets?

Adopting Visual Solutions into Mainstream Business Practices

Can Customs Visual Solutions Born in Media Towers Integrate to Business Practices?

A little bit of irony in this question as we here at Frame Concepts are creating custom visual solutions – infographics, interactive solution pictograms, animated value propositions and data-driven visualizations – for businesses on a daily basis. But a quick search across the internet at corporate website – even (perhaps especially) Fortune 500 websites – suggest that pages loaded with texts and stock photos are still the rage. So one wonders why this is the case. Perhaps they think they are no other options – thats custom visual solutions are the luxury of media outlets.

Perhaps Its Because of Their Origin

Media Sample Infographics

A Sample of Visuals (in this case Infographics) in the Media Publishing World

All of us started to learn about infographics and the craft of […]

The Power of Visual Content in B2B – We are Not Talking Stock Photos

Excited and Disappointed at the Same Time – Just Came Back from a Visual Content Summit

Was excited about an event yesterday – not going to mention the actual event – as I am being candid about my thoughts on it. It was interesting for me in that the whole point was on they “why” and the “how” of leveraging visual content into your marketing strategy – mostly social channels. I couldn’t think of better poster child for us here at Frame Concepts. Here at Frame Concepts we offer visual solutions – infographics, interactive solution pictograms, animations and data-driven visualizations – to help with the understanding and engagement factor. And it was nice to see that the premise of the event and the over 100 professionals attending and speaking at the event recognized the importance of the visual in content marketing. But then I listened to the presentations.

Process Sketch

Visuals can Talk to B2B Processes

Assumption that Visuals are Exclusively for B2C

Well their […]

Infographics and Visuals Solutions are Just for Marketing, Right? Wrong!

Understanding and Engagement Visual Solution Needs Cut Across the Entire Organization

Functions Diagram

 All Major Functional Departments are Embracing Visual Solutions for Communications

Well its was a bit of a hurdle four years ago when Frame Concepts started to get marketing divisions to embrace infographics, solution pictograms, infographic animations and data driven visualizations as part of their integrated go-to-market planning and NOT just the luxury of the publishing houses. And now we are happy to see that all the major functional departments are embracing integrated visual solutions for their communication plan.

But Are Not Visual Solutions Effective When There is a “Sell” Going On?

 “If you can frame how people think about their problems, you’re half way to selling them.”Jakob Nielsen, the Usability Czar

The Answer is “Yes” but their is an implicit suggestion that the “Sell” only occurs within the Sales and Marketing department. But we all know thats not true. If we reference the wheel diagram above and quickly tour through the major professions, we can easily identify the “sell” going […]

Frame Concepts – Best Infographics Agency April 2014

On Behalf of our Visual Team I would like to thank …

Well I am not offering best practices thoughts on all things business visual solutions related topics in this post. Instead we offer blatant self-promotion on the fact that we got ranked as Number One for Infographics Agency today. Well I do not want to even comment on the rigor of the ranking, but I will point out we are so much more than infographics.

See my post last week on Visual Toolkit actually suggesting infographics are in fact the whole visual solution story

But who does not like to be on the top of an Awards List … here we are in full list glory at Number One.

Frame Concepts Top Infographic Agency

Icons Vs Illustrations – A Primer on Your Visual Solution Tool Kit (continued)

Are You Seeing it As Iconic or Illustrative?

Illustrative Infographic Sample Iconic Infographic Style

Illustrative Approach on the Left and Iconic Approach on the Right

Last week we looked at the distinction between infographics and pictograms noting that infographics typically serve content programs and pictograms serve as visual positioning to convert your audience. Today we look at the distinction between the icon and the illustration. Again my clients – especially before they start deploying our custom visual solutions – could accuse me of splitting hairs. And technically illustration is wide concept that really would include an icon as a form of illustration. But like the infographic and pictogram distinction, the distinction is not so much in the visual makeup (although there are differences here) but in the business purpose in how its applied. And it turns out their are two ways we can think about this distinction – as a visual function and as a stylistic choice.

Function […]