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Having come face-to-face with a myriad of business communication problems with a myriad of professional functions in all shapes and sizes of each major industry from startups to Fortune 500 – we have a unique perspective. And there is a community of us “Framians” (we just made that up) that share this common concern to get our audiences into the correct conceptual framework – whether its during a sale presentation, a webinar, a live event, presenting research or setting up a web portal loaded with big data. And we all think the best tool to help your audience visualize the point is in fact visuals.

The following series presents our thoughts on the craft of applying visuals to business and technical problems to drive understanding and engagement. A meta-infographic series on infographics if you will.

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How Visual Solutions Are Changing Content Creation

I recently came across an interesting article from Marketing Technology Alert. We all know content is king for lead generation but now with marketing automation, social media programs and keyword strategies in play, the question is how can we make the actual content more engaging and sharable. Four years ago Frame Concepts put all their chips on the table and bet on visual solutions writ large. Nice to see the rally cry for visual solutions getting stronger and stronger to drive content creation practices.

With the surge towards visual content not seeming to abate, the challenge is to deliver visual content on an ongoing basis. Are you staffed for this challenge?

The article below and a also a visual snapshot of more than a subtle reminder that we here at Frame Concepts are living the mandate to leverage visuals to drive engaging content creation as evidenced my our comprehensive case study […]

How to Use Infographics in B2B Marketing

Anyone will tell you that planning is essential to leveraging your new visual solutions and this includes infographics. I recently came across a useful guide on deploying infographics in B2B marketing.

I like Mr. Shor’s point when he states:

Don’t Dabble — Have a Plan
Producing a single infographic usually isn’t worth the effort, plus, it takes more than one attempt to evaluate how well infographics work for your business. Instead of dabbling, commit to one infographic per month or quarter; whatever your team can comfortably support.

You’re likely to experience a rapid learning curve on infographic development. Your fifth or sixth effort will be smoother than the first few — and probably achieve much better results.
As we here at Frame Concepts have been deploying infographics in B2B for the Fortune 500 and some of the most innovative startups for the past four years (and I have been in B2B for the last […]

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    Selling without Selling – Using Visuals in Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Selling without Selling – Using Visuals in Your Go-to-Market Strategy

So You Want More Sales?
A very reasonable concern that is typically brought to us here at Frame Concepts is the concern that sales targets are slipping. And the client wants an approach to bringing in more sales. And almost immediately two narratives emerge. One is the “nobody gets us” type concern and the other is “we need immediate results that will hit the bottom-line” for this new program. And my immediate reaction is if you want one, you need both.

Getting Your Audience Engaged with Your Offering Can Be Challenging – Visual Solutions are Key

What are the Two Sides of Your Go-to-Market Strategy?
Your go-to-market effort represents a two-edged sword to bring your marketplace – from raw awareness, to point of view engagement, to solution understanding and to company engagement.
Traditionally there is product marketing or product positioning and then there are the tactical lead generation programs. The product marketing content is typically […]

Number One Infographics Agency in the World – Frame Concepts

And The Winner is …
Instead of reflecting on all things visual solution meets pressing business problem, I thought I would take a minute to gloat on the Number One spot for Infographic Agency this month.

But I Can’t Resist Turning it Into Something Else
Odd the metaphysics of an award. Somehow an instantiation of excellence that is reflected in practice – a practice that passes through time – and yet no way to put that excellence in a bottle or test tube. The award – usually made of metal – cements that fact in a real physical form that you can hold and see. It is the instantiation of excellence.
And is This Not What Our Client Wants
And when our clients want their clients to see not only value – but UNIQUE differentiated value – they are saying they are THE ONE. Please give us the award – in this case, the […]

Bringing Information Design Solutions Into Your Business

Custom Visual Solutions Can Seem So Far Away

Is This Your Vantage Point?
If in more of you communication life, you have been saddled or guilty of creating clunky powerpoints, brochures, white papers and websites full of bullet points, stock photos, odd neon graphic created in powerpoint and loads and loads and loads and then day-to-day, while in casual media consumption, you see some of the cutting edge visual solutions – like infographics and data-driven visualizations and explanatory animations – in the print and online publications of larger media houses like the Wall Street Journal or New York Times or Bloomberg – it can seem daunting. Bringing those type of customer, engaging visual solutions into your context can seem like an ocean away. I know. I was there.
Bringing those type of customer, engaging visual solutions into your context can seem like an ocean away. I know. I was there.
But There is […]