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    D-U-N-S – More Than Just A Number – D&B Infographic Design

D-U-N-S – More Than Just A Number – D&B Infographic Design

The Challenge
Frame Concepts have created a number of infographics for our client D&B as well as data-driven visualizations like this historical global risk heat map.  On this project however, D&B wanted to explore deeper understanding and engagement with their tried and true offering – the D-U-N-S number. What better way to […]

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Data-Driven Versus Concept-Driven Visualizations

Academia is Concerned About Driving Concepts Just Like Frame Concepts
Came across an article by Kim Kastens – Data-Driven Versus Concept-Driven Visualizations –  at the Education Center at Carlton College that quotes a “much under appreciated” paper by Aaron C. Clark & Eric N. Wiebe of North Carolina State University which makes […]

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Yes, Visual Solutions Can Drive Your Bottom Line

Thinking of doing one infographic on one offering or blog post or email campaign is narrow minded. Businesses should step back and think about their goals as a whole and challenge themselves to bring their marketplace and audience into a wider vision. And if the answer is “No” – […]

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Tough Nut to Visually Crack with a Healthcare Infographic

Brainstorming the Community Healthcare Infographic

There were a lot of angles one could take
We recently had a repeat client open up a new project. Her internal client at the Hospital was a senior medical practitioner who had been leveraging an unwieldy slide to communicate a provocative stance on transforming the […]

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How Visual Solutions Are Changing Content Creation

I recently came across an interesting article from Marketing Technology Alert. We all know content is king for lead generation but now with marketing automation, social media programs and keyword strategies in play, the question is how can we make the actual content more engaging and sharable. Four years […]

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