“If you can frame how people think about their problems, you’re half way to selling them.”
(Jakob Nielsen, The Usability Czar)

The Problem - The Frame Concepts concept is based on the conviction that companies with complex technical and business offerings do not possess an effective means to enable their audience to understand  their products and services enough to drive them to a point of consideration.

Typical Alternatives – Typically, the most compelling communications solutions – in the form of animation and visuals – have been aimed at the consumer marketplace.  And the rigor of business’s communications needs have been attempted to be met in the form of non-compelling and word-heavy presentations and website copy content with stock photos. And traditional technical communications documentation including procedural manuals and operational guides have also tried to make offerings more intuitive but suffer on the engagement side. And so one is forced to choose between thin, consumer-based content but compelling visuals or rigorous content with the dryness of technical documentation.

The Solution – Frame Concepts has solved this dilemma by offering a solution to enterprises that renders their technical and sophisticated offering into a visually intuitive and compelling story and adapts the new information design principles into animation, infographics and pictograms for all business communication interfaces – whether its prospects, customers, influencers or its own employees. And its this core solution that drives Frame’s customer’s audience to a position of understanding and action. The Frame Concepts unique innovation is to integrate and deploy the best attributes from both of these types of solutions by integrating the compelling nature of animation and visuals and storytelling of the consumer marketplace with the sophisticated content and understanding of technical documentation. This enables these companies not only to educate and move their audience into a position of consideration and purchase of their offering; but also enables the client to spread awareness of their offering with video content through one of the most significant emerging communication channels – social networks.