The Frame Core

Each of the Frame Solutions – from Frame Sales & Marketing to Frame Training – are driven by the following core elements:

  • Diagnosing the Business and Communication Problem – Before any project begins, Frame consultants start with a careful understanding of the business challenges for each of these functions.
  • Unpacking Your Offering - The solution is launched with a robust and repeatable process for interviews and reference material digestion and articulation.
  • Core Visual Explanation - The core communication explanation is laid out in a visually compelling and intuitive way and becomes the core foundation for all deployed solutions.
  • Your Frame Core explanation drives each solution – Each solution is deployed against the core foundational informational design blueprint.
  • Client Empowerment - The client is empowered with editorial review privileges at every key stage of delivery.
  • Meeting Your Business Need - The project is completed when the client receives a Frame solution(s) that meets their business need.